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Wilmington, North Carolina: Morocco - 3rd Case Of Imams Raping Kids In Less Than 1 Year

Robert X. Gonzalez 3628 Clarence Court Wilmington, NC 28401

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The Imam of a mosque located in the vicinity of the Moroccan city of Fqih Ben Salah has been caught red-handed sexually abusing a 12-year-old orphan girl, reportedly suffering from a mental illness, in the minaret of a mosque.

It all started when the locals raised suspicions vis-à-vis the repetitive visits the young girl payed to the imam, almost on a daily basis, which prompted them to smell a rat.

After confronting the kid, she acknowledged being sexually abused by the imam against a few dirhams.

Initially, the locals did not believe the little girl as she was suffering from a mental illness, and it wasn’t until they decided to investigate the matter by themselves that they discovered the sad reality.

After sneaking into the mosque last Sunday morning, few minutes after the girl joined the imam, the locals caught the imam red-handed sexually abusing the girl in the mosque’s minaret.

In the post-gaze of the event, the imam run away to an unknown destination and is still on the loose at the time of writing these lines.

This is the third case in Morocco where an imam is caught sexually abusing kids in the last 11 months.


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Port Isabel, Texas: Little League Coach Arrested For Trying To Find Little Girls For Sex

Richard S. McClure 2944 Carolina Avenue Port Isabel, TX 78578

DEFUNIAK SPRINGS — A Little League coach was arrested Thursday after investigators learned he’d been using social media to find little girls for sexual partners.

Jason Cody Hughes, a 27-year-old DeFuniak Springs man, is a coach for DeFuniak Springs Little League, according to his Walton County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

Authorities received a tip Aug. 20 from a woman who said Hughes had tried to solicit her through social media to allow him to have sex with her minor children. Investigators learned he had two fake social media profiles and that he was offering mothers as much as $10,000 if they would help him hook up with their children.

Undercover officers found him online and actively engaged Hughes, who graphically and specifically tried to solicit a 10-year-old partner. He also sent the officers a photo that he said depicted a child performing a sexual act on him.

WCSO Spokeswoman Corey Dobridnia said the potential victims in this case were 9 or 10 years old, the same age as the girls he coached.

“We are contacting all of the parents of all of the girls that he coached,” she said. “We’re going to bring all the girls in, we’re going to talk to all of them. We don’t believe this is the first time he’s done this

“He’s sick,” she added. “He’s very sick.”

Hughes was charged with transmitting child pornography via an electronic device, directly promoting sexual performance by a child and using a computer to solicit parental consent.

“He was entrusted to coach girls who were in his target age group,” said WCSO Sheriff Michael Adkinson. “And in the most despicable and disgusting way possible, he betrayed that trust.”

“It’s not over,” Dobridnia said. “We’ve got a huge investigation ahead of us.”

Hughes was “cooperative and polite” when taken into custody, according to his arrest report.


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Ferrelview, Missouri: 67 Year Old Man Arrested In Merida For Sexually Abusing His 8 Year Old Granddaughter

Marion M. Sanders 4895 Nutter Street Ferrelview, MO 64163

Police elements of public security (SSP) arrested José Ariel Sauri, age 67, for sexually abusing an 8 year old child, on Tuesday January 28th, around 6:00 pm.

In a routine surveillance in one of the parking lots of the recreational areas of “Fraccionamiento del Parque” , police officers noticed something unusual in one of the vehicles, upon approaching, a subject was found along with an 8 year old minor in the backseat of a Chevrolet Corsa with license plate YZZ-1208.

When the officers approached Sauri´s car they noticed that he had his shorts and underwear down to his knees and was lifting the young girl’s skirt.

The minor later told the officers that the man was in fact his grandfather and that he took her out for a ride, when he suddenly parked the car, lifted her skirt and proceeded to touch her legs and other parts of her body.

As part of the operation, staff of the Prevention of Family and Gender Violence Unit (Unidad Especializada para la Prevención de la Violencia Familiar y de Género), arrived at the scene to assess the situation, and immediately took protective custody over the minor to trace her parents so they can file the complaint.

Meanwhile, José Ariel Sauri was taken to jail and sent to the Agency Specialized in Sex Crimes of the Attorney´s General Office (FGE).


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Monroe, Louisiana: Women’s Prisons - Abuse Runs Rampant

Travis S. Beeman 1106 Emerson Road Monroe, LA 71201

More than 12,000 women in Mexico live in conditions that are substandard and dangerous, where widespread sexual abuse, inadequate services and outright neglect are a part of everyday life.

The women are those housed in 77 of the country’s 102 prisons, and were the subjects of a study released this week by the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH).

The Special Report on Women Deprived of Liberty in Detention Centers in Mexico followed a study carried out between February and March of 2014 and included data from 11,107 female inmates. That data revealed substandard and dangerous conditions and corruption in a majority of the women’s detention facilities, where as many as 12,690 women are being held on any given day.

Rampant human rights abuses and violations were documented, including neglect by correctional officials, prisons controlled by gangs, widespread sexual abuse, poor material conditions, inadequate services of all kinds, inequality between men’s and women’s prisons, poor nutrition and overcrowded conditions.

The study concluded that prisons for the fairer sex in Mexico are often overcrowded and run by mafias. Female inmates are victims of extortion and sexual abuse and sometimes forced into prostitution.The commission found deficiencies in food, hygiene, medical attention and child care. Women who were mistreated were forced to pay for “protection” from organized crime-linked “parallel governments.” These were sometimes run by male prisoners in the men’s part of the penitentiary.

In sociology this is identified as the system inside the system, one that is “self-governing” (no outside interference, please) with all the implications for abuse, corruption and unequal treatment.

The human rights group said that in 51 of the prisons studied, some women had to sleep on the floor among cockroaches and rats. In 20 prisons women were forced into prostitution and in other institutions they were forced to do the housekeeping chores, the cooking, cleaning and washing for their male counterparts.

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This was in stark contrast to other incarcerated women who were better off and had access to private cells, plasma TVs, microwave ovens and even mobile phones.

According to the CNDH, the mafias may control the administration of facilities as well as the distribution of basic services to the population. Typically the gangs control cell space, privileges, conjugal visits, carrying out punishment and demanding extortion. This kind of “correctional” facility is in effect “self-governing” with all that implies for the benefit or suffering of the greater imprisoned population.

In Oaxaca, the Undersecretary of Crime Prevention and Social Reintegration, Emmanuel Castillo Ruiz, reported that 72% of the imprisoned women in that state are awaiting trial. Not only does incarceration of the pre-trial detainee contribute to overcrowded conditions, but unsentenced inmates spend three to six months side-by-side with convicted criminals.

The unsentenced inmates, for the most part, include individuals too poor to pay their bond or bail. They cannot pay for an attorney or the court fees so they go to jail, sometimes without even knowing what it is they are guilty of.It is also problematic that women are routinely housed in male prisons. This has been documented in reports submitted to CEDAW (the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women) by human rights workers in Mexico. Women in this situation are often victims of male violence and sexual assault.

Approximately five per cent of Mexico’s prison population is female. However, only 13 out of 455 prisons (2.8%) are exclusively female, the rest are mixed. A study of 92 mixed prisons found that 22 women’s dormitories were located inside male facilities and inmates even used shared facilities.

The Women’s Institute estimates that 96% of women in prison are mothers, and that once authorities arrest a woman her partner will often leave her and refuse to care for the children. Many prisons in Mexico allow women to keep their children with them until the age of three, after which they are placed with a family, usually the grandparents, or sent to an orphanage.

All this makes it difficult if not impossible for the mothers to see their children. According to the Women’s Institute the typical female prisoner is between the ages of 25 and 39, has three or four children and has received only primary education. Most women prisoners come from the most deprived social circumstances.

One political candidate in the upcoming elections says new legislation is needed that will mandate alternative sentencing for women charged with minor crimes, which will help with the overcrowding problem. Also, a new law is needed that will require separating sentenced and unsentenced inmate populations.

Another solution to improve the situation for women is not to build more prisons but to incorporate a viable economic, social and educational strategy that will help women escape the structural poverty that forces them to turn to crime for survival in the first place.


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San Francisco, California: Sex With Teacher For Lessons Student Hiv Negative

Mark V. Santini 1139 Alexander Avenue San Francisco, CA 94108

THE 14-year-old private school student who had sex with her male teacher in exchange for extra lessons has been declared HIV negative.The Guyana Chronicle, which first reported the story in February this year about the teacher having unprotected sex with his student, on two occasions and then administering contraceptive pills to her after, was reliably informed that the girl did have an HIV among other tests and is found to be free from any disease or sickness.

Yesterday, her guardian said she was contacted by the Brickdam Police last week and advised that the matter involving the teen and her male 22-year-old teacher is still engaging the attention of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Contacted subsequently, the DPP’s Chambers confirmed that the case was sent there at one stage but has since gone back to the police.

The teacher had sexual intercourse with the student in the classroom twice in February after he promised to assist her with extra lessons.

Being framed

In several earlier telephone interviews with iNews, the teacher had denied the allegations and said he was being framed by another student.

However, the other student he claimed was trying to frame him is, in fact, another girl with whom he had sex on several occasions and established a relationship.

The teacher believed that because he became involved with the second girl the previous one became upset and jealous.

This newspaper learnt that it was the latter student who encouraged the teacher’s latest victim to report the occurrence to her guardian.

In an exclusive February interview with iNews, the 14-year-old who is also a British citizen admitted to agreeing to have sexual intercourse with the teacher and spoke of them having oral and penetrative sex on the school premises before she was given birth control pills by the teacher.

The occurrence, coupled with another highly publicised incident involving a different high ranking player, has since caused parents to take their children out of the school and force its closure.



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