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San Diego, California: Brutal Gang Rape Of Teenage Girl In Brazil Causes Outrage

Seattle, Washington: Four changes that happen to vaginas when women stop having sex

St. Louis, Missouri: Rights groups slam India death sentence for rapists

Warden, Washington: MP’s ex-guard among six under probe for murder of politicians

Baltimore, Maryland: ‘Rape of mentally-disabled woman probably not terrorism’

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Calls To Close Legal Loophole Used By Pedophiles For Lighter Sentence

New Orleans, Louisiana: Man, 35, kills wife, attempts suicide

Lafayette, Louisiana: Milo Yiannopoulos gets $12 million investment in ongoing assholery

Charleston, West Virginia: Girls Under 12 Most At Risk Of Getting Pregnant By Rape In El Salvador According To U.n. Study

Odessa, Texas: ‘prostitution Ring’ Or ‘gringo’ Recruiting Women For Sex At Medellin University

Wilmington, North Carolina: Morocco - 3rd Case Of Imams Raping Kids In Less Than 1 Year

Port Isabel, Texas: Little League Coach Arrested For Trying To Find Little Girls For Sex

Ferrelview, Missouri: 67 Year Old Man Arrested In Merida For Sexually Abusing His 8 Year Old Granddaughter

Monroe, Louisiana: Women’s Prisons - Abuse Runs Rampant

San Francisco, California: Sex With Teacher For Lessons Student Hiv Negative