Morocco: 3rd Case of Imams Raping Kids in Less Than 1 Year

Morocco, September 2015

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The Imam of a mosque located in the vicinity of the Moroccan city of Fqih Ben Salah has been caught red-handed sexually abusing a 12-year-old orphan girl, reportedly suffering from a mental illness, in the minaret of a mosque.

It all started when the locals raised suspicions vis-à-vis the repetitive visits the young girl payed to the imam, almost on a daily basis, which prompted them to smell a rat.

After confronting the kid, she acknowledged being sexually abused by the imam against a few dirhams.

Initially, the locals did not believe the little girl as she was suffering from a mental illness, and it wasn’t until they decided to investigate the matter by themselves that they discovered the sad reality.

After sneaking into the mosque last Sunday morning, few minutes after the girl joined the imam, the locals caught the imam red-handed sexually abusing the girl in the mosque’s minaret.

In the post-gaze of the event, the imam run away to an unknown destination and is still on the loose at the time of writing these lines.

This is the third case in Morocco where an imam is caught sexually abusing kids in the last 11 months.