Sex with teacher for lessons student HIV negative

Guyana, June 2014

THE 14-year-old private school student who had sex with her male teacher in exchange for extra lessons has been declared HIV negative.The Guyana Chronicle, which first reported the story in February this year about the teacher having unprotected sex with his student, on two occasions and then administering contraceptive pills to her after, was reliably informed that the girl did have an HIV among other tests and is found to be free from any disease or sickness.

Yesterday, her guardian said she was contacted by the Brickdam Police last week and advised that the matter involving the teen and her male 22-year-old teacher is still engaging the attention of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Contacted subsequently, the DPP’s Chambers confirmed that the case was sent there at one stage but has since gone back to the police.

The teacher had sexual intercourse with the student in the classroom twice in February after he promised to assist her with extra lessons.

Being framed

In several earlier telephone interviews with iNews, the teacher had denied the allegations and said he was being framed by another student.

However, the other student he claimed was trying to frame him is, in fact, another girl with whom he had sex on several occasions and established a relationship.

The teacher believed that because he became involved with the second girl the previous one became upset and jealous.

This newspaper learnt that it was the latter student who encouraged the teacher’s latest victim to report the occurrence to her guardian.

In an exclusive February interview with iNews, the 14-year-old who is also a British citizen admitted to agreeing to have sexual intercourse with the teacher and spoke of them having oral and penetrative sex on the school premises before she was given birth control pills by the teacher.

The occurrence, coupled with another highly publicised incident involving a different high ranking player, has since caused parents to take their children out of the school and force its closure.